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Hengtai technology co., LTD is located in huizhou, guangdong province, southeast of civilized city huizhou ZhongKai high-tech zone with beautiful environment¡£Our company is specialized in polymer lithium battery research and development¡¢Production and sales¡£In the company200000000-00-0-0-0-aa-00-0-0-0-aa-00-0-0-0-00000Years5The month has passedISO9001:2008¡¢ISO1aa:2004¡¢OHSASaa000001¡¢UL¡¢CE¡¢RoHS¡¢REACHSuch as system certification¡£So far has a number of independent patent technology of copyright and related software development¡£And in2013Years7From the country¡°High and new technology enterprise¡±The certificate¡£Hengtai technology for electronic energy storage and supply of such equipment provides the high quality products and technical design£¬Its widely used in£ºWear all kinds of intelligence¡¢Digital electronic products¡¢Electronic cigarettes¡¢Models¡¢Model aircraft¡¢Lamps and lanterns¡¢Solar energy storage¡¢Electric tools¡¢Electric bicycle and other portable electronic devices¡£The company main production capacity10mAh---10000mAhAnd above the polymer lithium-ion batteries......¡¾For details¡¿

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